Exo Gauntlet 2.0    $3300




Articulated mechanical gauntlets with power assist function. This gas powered exoskeleton gadget allows you to apply signfigant crushing strength at the push of a button. Over a year in the making and made of the toughest parts available. While deactivated the gauntlet works just like a glove and the fingers move freely. When activated all the fingers close with a grip strong enough to break hard plastic cups and crush empty cans. To operate simply put your hand inside and lock shut using the velcro straps. The gauntlet works around you, allowing you to control the movement of the fingers and thumb. Press a button to activate the power assist function causing the gauntlet to close with signifigant force! Items you are holding will be held firmly or crushed with the help of integrated custom made miniature actuators. The grip speed can be adjusted allowing the gauntlets to snap shut in a split second or close smoothly and firmly. Comes with a small belt mounted CO2 tank and regulator combo which powers the device (see link below). The CO2 tank can power the gauntlet for over 200 activations before being refilled. Refills are usually $5 at paintball shops.

Maximum gauntlet operating pressure is 250 psi. At this power level the gauntlet has a grip so strong it will bruise your arm. In order to generate these high pressures the gauntlet can be directly powered from aminiature 16 gram CO2 cartridges but care has to be taken not to over pressurize the gauntlet.

Standard CO2 Power source (included with purchase) shown in the link below goes up to 90 psi. At this power level the gauntlet has a firm grip but not enough to crush anything. Please inquire for the higher powered power source (goes up to 250 psi) higher power levels can be dangerous. Previous experience with compressed air or industrial machines would be necessary for the higher pressure option.

Available in Large and Small

Large fits everyone 5'10" and above. Small would fit anyone below that height and would possess similar power output. The pictures above show the large version


JacPac CO2 Power System

Standard Construction Time: 4-7 weeks *

* We recomend allowing for extra time approaching busy periods such as Halloween, Christmas and Spring. Order early. Shipping will be an additional 3-12 days, Multiple shipping options available.





Gauntlet Crushes Water Bottle (Low Power) - 3.1 MB

Gauntlet Crushes Pop Can (High Power) - 11.8 MB

Gauntlet Shows Thumb Function - 6.7 MB

Gauntlet Articulation Demo - 8.1 MB


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